Kyle Lowry

Kyle Terell Lowry was born on 25th March 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. First drafted in the NBA in 2006, Kyle has since then gained tremendous influence in the sport. He plays professionally for the Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball Association. His pertinacious playing style has earned him nicknames like The Bulldog and Klow. In fact, his career is flourishing with a long list of achievements and feats as he is one of the finest players currently in the sport of basketball.

The past experiences shape every great individual and the same can be said about Kyle Lowry. Having experienced a rough childhood, with his parents getting a divorce when he was a young boy, made Kyle a strong person. His father staying absent throughout his childhood, made it tougher for him and his family to sustain a prosperous life. Despite all of these setbacks, he persevered and is our featured basketball Jersey No 7 star.

25+ facts you may not have known about Kyle Lowry.

His brother Lonnie Lowry Jr played a key role in shaping his career

His parents’ names are Marie Holloway & Lonnie Lowry Sr. He also has an older brother named Lonnie Lowry Jr. His brother is five years elder than him and has played a key role in shaping his career. It was his brother and friends from his community around the neighborhood who taught Kyle how to play basketball.

Kyle Lowry never considered becoming a professional basketball player

Kyle Lowry was fascinated with the sport from an early age and was determined to improve his skills. However, he did not consider becoming a professional player. It was his brother who insisted that he pursue basketball and convinced him to do so. In the process, Kyle was drafted in the Cardinal Dougherty High School basketball team in Philadelphia by Dave Distal, an assistant coach.

He was declared a five-start player by

He finished high school at Cardinal Dougherty High School as a point guard for the team. During this period, in 2004, he was already listed as the No. 6 point guard and No. 28 player in the United States. A popular website,, declared him a five-star player.

Kyle Lowry studied at Villanova University and played for the Villanova Wildcats men’s basketball team.

kyle lowry played for villanova wildcats

In his freshman year, he was selected for the Big East All-Rookie Team. He was also considered among the Philadelphia Big Five Rookie of the Year, with an average of 7.5 points, 2.0 assists, 1.3 steals, and 3.2 rebounds per game across 24 games.

In his sophomore year of college, Kyle Lowry was selected in the First Team All-Big 5 and the All-Big East Second Team as well.

In 33 games, he scored an average of 11.0 points, 3.7 assists, 2.3 steals, and 4.3 rebounds per game.

His professional career took off in the 2006 NBA season when he was selected by the Memphis Grizzlies as the 24th overall pick.

He signed a two-year contract with the team and in his first NBA season Kyle managed to accumulate 1.4 steals, 3.1 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 5.6 average points per game.

In 2009, Kyle Lowry was traded to the Houston Rockets, where he went on to play for four seasons.

kyle lowry played for houston rockets

He left the team after the 2011-2012 season due to conflict with the head coach, Kevin McHale, which was later resolved.

He is the fourth Houston Rockets player to register a triple-double.

This also earned him the title of Western Conference Player of the Week.

In 2012, Kyle was traded off to the Toronto Raptors, who he is presently playing for.

kyle lowry toronto raptors

His position on the team is of a point guard.

His first appearance in the playoffs with the Raptors was in 2014.

He played seven games, registering with an impressive average of 21.1 points per game.

In his second season with the Raptors during the 2013- 2014 season, he led the team to the playoffs.

He is credited with leading them to win an Atlantic Division title for the first time in seven years.

Kyle Lowry is the second Raptor player, after Chris Bosh to be named the Eastern Conference Player of the Month.

He was awarded this title for his performance in December 2014 on 5th January 2015.

In 2015-2016, Kyle Lowry helped the Raptors reach the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time.

In 2019, Kyle Lowry led the team to become NBA champions.

kyle lowry nba champion 2019

Kyle Lowry is the current holder of the Toronto Raptors’ franchise record for triple-doubles.

Not only that but also the record for the most three-point field goals made in a season (the 2013-2014 season).

He has also made franchise history by leading the Raptors to a spectacular 56 wins in the 2015-2016 season. That was the highest win count at the time.

Kyle Lowry was also a member of the U.S. men’s national team that won a gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The win at the Olympics earned him praise for his defense and leadership. He was also named the “Team’s Unsung Hero,” by head coach Mike Krzyzewski, and the “Best team player out of everybody,” by assistant coach Jim Boeheim.

kyle lowry best performances olympics 2016

The 2013-2014 season had a huge impact on Kyle Lowry’s career. He became the most sought-out free agent in the NBA.

He played actively for the Rockets, Miami Heat, etc. Eventually, he re-signed with the Raptors for a $48 million four year contract.

In the game against the Dallas Mavericks on October 26, Kyle Lowry scored 20 points and 12 assists, leading the team to a 116-107 score win.

He beat his own record with 10 or more assists for four games straight. Lowry became the first Raptors player to do this after José Calderón did five in a row in March 2012.

Kyle Lowry has a wife named Ayahna Cornish-Lowry and has two sons with her- Karter and Kameron Lowry.

In 2013, Ayahna and Kyle set up the Lowry Love Foundation, which aims at improving the lives of underprivileged children.

kyle lowry facts lowry love foundation

He met Ayahna at Cardinal Dougherty High School, who too was a varsity player. The duo got married in 2014.

Kyle Lowry is 6 feet tall and weighs around 196 lb or 89 kg.

His playing style has often been compared to that of a pit bull. Many of his fellow players state that he leads his team to victory through toughness and instinct. He has a reputation for being a strong rebounder and a top-notch defender.

Kyle has been mentored by the great Chauncey Billups.

Chauncey Billups is a retired professional basketball player, known all over the world and has played 17 seasons in the NBA.

Kyle Lowry appeared in his first NBA All-Star game in 2015.

Since then he has played a total of 6 NBA All-Star games. He was also awarded All-NBA Third Team in 2016. In addition to this, Kyle Lowry won the George Gross Sportsman of the Year award in 2014.

Kyle Lowry’s net worth is around $55 million.

Kyle Lowry enjoys playing other sports like golf as well.

kyle lowry golf

In addition to this, he has also teamed up with Canadian clothier Roots and created the Roots x Kyle Lowry Collection.

He has established himself to be a strong-headed individual who thoroughly enjoys what he does. His journey and hard work is an inspiration to us all. Through his dedication, Kyle Lowry has achieved everything and is a great role model for the youth.

Kyle Lowry Best Performances

Kyle Lowry- Best Performances and Memorable Moments

Dribbling the ball, dodging the players, and mesmerizing the spectators comes the American Basketball “Bulldog” Kyle Terrell Lowry! His appearance on the court itself is a matter of fright for the rival team. Watching him play, the stadium echoes up with cheers and applause. That’s what Kyle Lowry’s presence on the court feels like.

The American point guard was born on 25 March 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 34-year basketball player plays for National Basketball Association’s Toronto Raptors. The basketball star has been honored with a number of prestigious titles. Lowry became the NBA All-Star for 6 consecutive years from 2015 to 2020. In 2019, Toronto Raptors becoming the “NBA Champion”, the player proved himself to be a born superstar and what the name Kyle Lowry signifies on the field. In addition to this, Lowry was also entitled to NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month in 2016. Here are some of the most spectacular performances of the player which flipped the results.

Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Lakers (2017)

kyle lowry best performance vs la lakers

Kyle Lowry’s 41 point contribution to the team was a game changing performance. The Toronto Raptors faced Angeles Lakers on January 1, 2017. The Raptors enjoyed a 123-114 victory over the Angeles Lakers. As the match began, Kyle couldn’t make any addition to the Raptor’s scorecard. Lowry made his presence felt with a terrific 28-foot 3-pointer jumper, a 26-foot 3-pointer shot, four 25-foot 3-pointers, an 8-foot jumper, 20-foot 2 pointers, 3-foot layup shot, driving layups and successful free throws, leaving the rivals spellbound. In the 2nd quarter, Lowry takes 3 consecutive free throws, adding 3 points for the Raptors.

Toronto Raptors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (2016)

Lowry demonstrated another match-winning performance when the Toronto Raptors met Cleveland Cavaliers on February 26, 2016, for a victory of 97-99. The champ contributed heroic 43 points, which was his career-best performance. In the first quarter, Kyle showed his presence with a 4-foot 2-pointer, a 14-foot 2-pointer shot, a 3-foot 2-pointer shot, an 11-foot two-pointer, a 6-foot 2-pointer shot, 16-foot 2-pointer shot, two 26-foot 3-pointers, driving layups, successful free throws and tremendous assists. It seemed like Lowry has pledged to win hearts and his presence on the field was itself a reason for Raptor’s win.

Toronto Raptors Against the Golden State Warriors (2015)

kyle lowry vs golden state warriors

Sometimes, teams lose the match but players win the hearts. The face-off between the Warriors and the Raptors on December 6, 2015, is one such example. The match ended with the Warriors defeating the Raptors by 112-109. Lowry shot two stunning 25-foot 3 pointers, three 24-foot 3-pointers, a 22-foot jumper, driving layups, and consecutive free throws making the fans scream in applause. Besides Kyle’s gallant performance of 41 points, the team couldn’t make it to the victory but the match became a golden one.

Kyle Lowry Performance in NBA Finals against the Detroit Pistons (2019)

kyle lowry performance in mba finals

In NBA 2019 finals on December 18, 2019, the Toronto Raptors faced the Detroit Pistons. Lowry had a triple-double in the match, which led to the Raptors conquering the Detroits with 112-99. The champ won the hearts with his heroic 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists. Kyle Lowery’s 28-foot 3 pointers, 7-foot driving floating jump shot, spectacular assists to Siakam & Serge Ibaka, and free throws left the Pistons and the spectators in amazement. Lowry didn’t fail to win the hearts in the 3rd quarter too with his 26-foot 3-pointer.

Toronto Raptors vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (2018)

Lowry demonstrated another heart-winning performance when Raptors met Timberwolves on January 20, 2018, in NBA, 2018. Despite Raptors losing the match by 115-109, the American “bulldog’s” performance was a historic one. The point guard Kyle Lowry scored terrific 40 points for the Raptors. It was Lowry’s fourth career game when he scored 40. The sound of spectators shouting with amazement echoed the stadium when the player shot six 3-pointer shots. Lowry successfully made 14 out of 25 shots, making his performance memorable.

Kyle Lowry Performance against Timberwolves (2015)

Raptors met Timberwolves on October 13, 2015, in a faceoff in NBA, 2015. Raptors witnessed a heroic win against the Timberwolves with a score of 112-105. The key reason behind the Raptors’ win was Kyle Lowry’s presence on the court. The American point guard scored extravagant 40 points, opening a way for the Raptor’s win. Lowry hit six 3-pointers. He was 13 for 18 in the match. The fans rejoiced the Lowry’s performance in the match as the point guard made it a golden one.

Toronto Raptors vs. Utah Jazz (2014)

Raptors defeated Utah Jazz by an electrifying score of 123-104 on December 3, 2014. This terrific win was a big highlight. The way-opener for the win was the American point guard Kyle Lowry. Lowry scored his career-high 39 points for the Raptors. His initial career was 36, which changed after this match. The player played with an average of 30 points and 7.5 assists. The player was playing without his backcourt partner. But still, the match was a golden victory and made its place in the top performances of Kyle Lowry.

Raptors vs. Milwaukee Bucks (2019)

This time Raptors faced a heavy defeat from the Bucks with a closing total of 115-105 in NBA, 2019 on November 2, 2019. Though this time Raptors couldn’t make through it, Lowry’s 36 points became inevitable in his career. As the 3rd quarter was about to end, Lowry’s 17 points gave Raptors a lead of 95-90. Lowry could score just 2 points in the 4th quarter. Lowry’s 36 point score impressed the spectators and motivated the team for the victory in the future matches.

Kyle Lowry Performance Against Charlotte Hornets (2017)

The Raptors saw a heroic win against the Hornets with a closing total of 113-126 on November 30, 2017. Lowry scored his career-best 36 points and cleared a path for Raptors’ victory. Kyle Lowry left the spectators spellbound with a 27-foot 3-pointer, three 26-foot 3-point jumpers, a 25-foot 3-pointer, a 26-foot running pull up jump shot,  two 3-pointer jumpers, an 18-foot 2-pointer, a 3-foot jumper, driving layups and several free throws. The kind of game played by Lowry was written with the golden words in basketball history.

Raptors vs. Jazz (2016)

Raptors met the Utah Jazz on December 23, 2016. The match was an epic one with the American point guard scoring season-high 36 points, leading Toronto raptors for a 104-98 victory over the Jazz. He shot 9 for 10 in the 4th quarter, leading to Raptor’s sixth consecutive wins. His 3-pointers were unstoppable like a bullet. The American “bulldog’s” contribution to the game made this win memorable.

Kyle Lowry Performance Against the Brooklyn Nets (2014)

The Toronto Raptors saw a tremendous win against the Brooklyn Nets with 115-113 at the Air Canada Center on May 1, 2014. Lowry made a hefty contribution, scoring 36 points, while DeMar DeRozan scored 23 points for the Raptors. Lowry hit 11 out of his 19 shots made. Kyle performed much better than his previous performance.

Raptors vs. Pistons (2019)

On March 3, 2019, Toronto Raptors met the Detroit Pistons. The match witnessed a great performance from the American point guard, Kyle Lowry. Though the Raptors were beaten by the Pistons by a score of 112-107, the point guard made his performance inevitable by scoring season-high 35 points and made 5 assists in the match. Lowry could score 7 points in the overtime, but still, it wasn’t enough for the win.   

Raptors vs. Cleveland (2016)

Raptors defeated Cleveland Cavaliers in a match on May 23, 2016. The tremendous win over the Cavaliers was a result of the American point guard’s electrifying performance on the court. He scored 35 points and led to a 105-99 win over the Cavaliers. Lowry’s performance resulted in an 18 point lead at the end of the 2nd quarter.

Raptors against the Miami Heat (2016)

kyle lowry performance vs miami heat

Another magnificent performance can be seen in a match between the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors on May 16, 2016. Kyle Lowry played an extravagant game of 35 points and made Raptors victorious against the Miami Heat by 89-116. Lowry scored a 27-foot 3-pointer, a 26-foot 3-pointer, two 25-foot 3-pointer shots, two 16-foot 2-pointers, driving layups, three 2-point shots, and a number of free throws. This performance was certainly one of his finest.

Raptors vs. Celtics (2016)

Lowry’s performance in the game was a portal for Raptor’s victory over the Celtics by a score of 101-94 on December 9, 2016. Lowry scored a season-high of 34 points, 21 of which were scored in the first 2 quarters. In the 3rd quarter, Lowry could score 14 points. The performance was a game-changer and hence, could make a place in Lowry’s top performances.       

Expressing the magnificence of the player’s performance on the court cannot be satisfied with mere words. Enumerating the heart-winning performances of the champion is a difficult task. Kyle has got all the love and respect from the fans and his performance is itself a testimony of his success, making him worth of Jersey No 7.

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